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“A” team



My “A” Team

As I was finishing up some last minute details on a clients bathroom renovation, I thought about how lucky I am to have an “A” team of people that I can count on to get my job done properly. My team will do favours, rush orders, provide extra services, give better prices, and be there to answer questions and help solve problems when they arise.


Now this hasn’t happened by accident. As I regularly use the same trades and suppliers, they have gotten to know me and appreciate my business. They know that their great service will pay back in my continued business and in recommendations to clients and friends.

This is not to say that you can’t walk in off the street and get good service somewhere. I am talking about the above and beyonds that come from developing a relationship with someone. This alone is a great reason to work with a designer who has such connections. All the details, all the headaches, and all the communications will be taken care of for you.

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Here’s a perfect example. A client of mine was having a kitchen redone. The granite was selected and we were waiting for the cabinetry to be installed for the final countertop measure. The cabinetry ended up being delayed and this left a very small window of three days to have the granite cut and installed before the fabricator closed down for holidays. Normally, this takes 10-14 working days. Now, this was a family with 3 young children, and my “A” team granite guy did not want her to be without a kitchen for 3 weeks. So, as a favour to me, he managed to measure, cut and install the countertops in that narrow timeframe. How is that for service?

This is something important to think about next time you are undertaking some renovations at home. Hiring an interior decorator will save you time, money and headaches so you don’t make those expensive mistakes! Otta Decorate would love to help you.


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